Hello and welcome to “Riding Life’s Rails!

Writing a book, and now blogging are challenging, but exciting new experiences. I pray you enjoy reading and interacting while my heart is revealed about life’s journey. There is much more to share and this venue allows filling in holes that may have been left in That Was God. The purpose is to encourage those facing similar life experiences and hopefully offer ideas that will equip you for the challenges ahead.

The plan is to discuss family life before the accident, people involved with us during the accident and rehab, God moments during life 10 years after the accident, survival skills during the loss of a loved one, misconceptions of God during my young life, knowing that “peace that passes all understanding,” the importance of church family and prayer partners, how to survive the awful memories of “that day,” how I cope with triggers of “that day” (sights & sounds) and whatever others may bring to my attention along the way.

Please come along while we discover and travel through this new adventure together!

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