THIS TRUE STORY WAS inspired by my persistent and loving daughter Megan, who was given another chance at life after a near-fatal crash.

As Megan drove to work on her 18th birthday, somehow, she and a truck collided. The doctors told us that she probably would not survive the night. They said that if she did survive AND came out of the coma, she would need multiple surgeries to restore the left side of her face (cheekbone, sinus and eye cavities), and at least two surgeries on her left arm. Her spleen was torn in a few places, she had broken and cracked ribs and pieces of her brain were torn off. They added, that if she survived, she would probably be in a “vegetative” state.

This is trauma from a mother’s perspective.

My intention is to illustrate the powers of God the Almighty, which continue to exist, and are confirmed every day. God may be tough to distinguish during heartrending experiences, but I assure you, He is there. A few illustrations, I admit, were not obvious at the time. But God has it, and sometimes, when you look back with twenty-twenty vision, you will see that His presence was unmistakable. It was God!

I feel called to reach out to other parents and families who have experienced distress or have lost a loved one in an unforeseen tragedy. Please know that you are not alone, you never were, and you never will beThat is one of God’s promises.


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